Resources about coaching

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Coaching is a relatively new profession, so it makes sense that you might have some questions. Like: What exactly is coaching? And: How do I find a good coach?

I’m in the process of writing essays to answer these questions, and I’ll post new posts here as I write them. Here are some that might be helpful:

How to find a good leadership or personal coach

  1. What to look for in a coach
    Here’s five things that I look for when I’m choosing a coach myself, or advising loved ones.

  2. Should my coach be ICF-certified?
    Credentials in the world of coaching can be confusing, especially as someone not familiar with the field. I’ve tried to share what really matters, from my perspective.

  3. How do I find a good coach?
    I share the four places I’d recommend to look, if you’re interested in working with a coach.