Tech with Intention
A 5-week group experiment

June 18-July 15
6 pm PST/9 pm EST

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Most of us know that we use technology or the internet too much.

I hear it from people all the time:

  • I definitely spend too much time on Instagram.

  • I’m constantly checking my email on my phone .

  • Sometimes I look up and realize that I’ve spent two hours on the internet! What was I even doing?

And we have the sinking feeling that it might be hurting us. It’s definitely using up massive amount of our time that we might spend on other things we value. And on a deeper level…is it hurting our ability to focus? Making us more anxious or dulled?

It’s not that the internet or technology is bad! It isn’t. Most of us have no desire to become Amish or go back in time 50 years.

And yet, most of us are using technology in ways that don’t serve us.

We’re spending more time on it that we intend, or more than feels good.
Sometimes we feel like we get “sucked in,” or like we just can’t help ourselves.

It’s not like we’re necessarily spending 10 hours a day browsing the internet, but still, we know that we could interact with technology in a way that serves us better. And we have a sneaking feeling that it might give us more time, more focus, and maybe even a better mood.

And yet, it’s really hard to make changes in how we relate to technology! It’s everywhere, and it’s designed by really smart people to suck you in.

That’s where Tech with Intention comes in.

The purpose of this Tech With Intention isn't to eliminate all technology, or even all leisure technology usage. The purpose is to stop talking about "I use my phone too much," or “I should use the internet less” and actually do something about it.

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In Tech with Intention, we’ll

  • Better understand what uses of technology serve us and what doesn’t. Not all internet usage is bad!

  • Deeply examine what is driving us to be compulsive about our technology usage. The reasons that we use technology in a way that doesn’t serve us are often more complex that we realize. Only by identifying our personal root causes can we have hope to develop effective interventions.

  • Take action to reduce technology usage that doesn’t serve us. By the end of this group, you’ll have tried several different “experiments” to reduce un-helpful technology usage, and developed a larger toolbox of practical techniques.

  • More clearly define what we value and want from our days, our months, and our lives. The problem with technology is that it can take us away from the feelings, activities, or people that we truly value. In this group, we’ll more explicitly define what we do value and make sure that we’re building towards that.

A couple of quick notes about who would be a good fit for Tech with Intention:

  • People who are tired — genuinely tired — of how they relate to technology now. This might sound obvious, but people who have true, clear desire to change will always get the most out of a group like this.

  • People who are willing to take action. A core part of our work will be the homework between our weekly meetings. That’s when you’ll be putting these ideas into practice. Make sure you have at least a bit of free time.

  • People who are willing to feel uncomfortable things. When we’re exploring behavior that had previously been automatic, mindless, or compulsive (more on that word here), feelings can come up. For example, you might notice that you turn to the internet every time you’re frustrated. As a result, you might need to pay more attention to that frustration and figure out a more productive way to deal with that. That process requires some emotional energy and willingness to be a little uncomfortable at times.

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Some logistics:

  • We’ll meet weekly for up to 75 minutes over video conference, starting at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST

  • Meeting dates will be Tuesdays, June 18 and 25, July 2, 9, and 16 (5 weeks)

  • Each week we’ll explore a different topic around using technology more intentionally and moving towards what we truly value — which will include new ideas, group discussion, activities, and homework.

  • Up to 8 participants

  • If you can't make a session, no worries. You'll receive notes and homework via email, so you won't fall behind. Given the short length of the group, though, I don’t recommend missing more than 1 session.

  • The group meets in a Zoom video conference. You'll need a video camera attached to your computer, as well as a working microphone. You’ll receive instructions about how to enter the meeting via email.

  • Please note: Tech with Intention tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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p.s. Hey, it’s Katie! I’m offering this group because, over the past year or so, I’ve made some changes in how I approach technology — slowly at first, and then in bigger and bigger ways.

I’m not at all perfect, but when I’m intentional about my technology usage, I’ve noticed a dramatic affect in my ability to focus, my productivity, my mood, and how much time I have. I started to bring these insights to my individual clients and — no surprise — they told me similar things.

The good news is that you don’t have to completely cut out internet entertainment, or be intentional 100% of the time, to notice positive effects. I’m really excited to explore these questions in a group setting — I hope you’ll join us!