Dessert Club Closing Reflections

  1. How am I doing in each of these five competencies? How do I feel that I've changed, relative to before the Dessert Club began?

    + Cognitive -- You mentally understand concepts around food, nutrition, eating etc.
    Emotional – You are skilled in interpreting your own feelings, needs, and desires, as they relate to food and life.
    + Somatic – You are skilled in sensing your body’s sensations as they relate to eating and life.
    + Situational -- You understand how environments and relationships – really, the world you inhabit – affect your eating on a moment-to-moment basis.
    Societal -- You have an embodied understanding and response to the affect of society’s norms about bodies, eating, etc. on your eating and self-image.
  2. What have I seen about myself through the process of being in the Dessert Club?
  3. What have I seen about my relationship with food through the process of being in the Dessert Club?
  4. What has unfolded as a result?
  5. What allowed for that learning to occur?
  6. What tools (skills or competencies) have I added to my “tool kit” through this process?
  7. How am I still struggling?
  8. What questions or concerns do I still have?
  9. What needs to happen for me to address those?
  10. What support would I like as I move forward into this next chapter?
  11. How can I create that in the next 60 days?
  12. This week, I’ll begin by… (1-2 specific practices)