The robot fantasy

Many people I meet have something I call “the robot fantasy.” As in: they’d like to be a robot.

flowers on lily pad.jpeg

 Of course, if you casually asked, “would you like to become a robot?” they’d laugh and say no. But then, later, they’d find themselves deep in fantasy:

I wish I could just get my entire, 16-point to-do list done every weekend.
I wish I could just work at my intense job, pursue my passion project with vigor, be a good friend and partner, exercise, and make healthy, delicious food — every single day.
I wish I could stop getting physically and emotionally tired! 

In other words: I wish I could stop being a human!

Humans are, by nature, not robots. Yes, we can accomplish a great deal. Yes, we can check off items off a to-do list. But we can’t just program ourselves — beep bip boop — and then expect ourselves to execute whatever plan we come up with. Even if there’s technically enough “time” to work and exercise and do everything our kids need and sleep and remember to buy that birthday gift…we may not be able to do it. 

Because we’re also stoppable. We have emotions and thoughts and we need time to rest and re-charge — often more time than many of us think we “should” need.

(Saying that you “shouldn’t” need so much time to rest, of course, is another way of saying I wish I was a robot.)

Sometimes the first step to building a life that works better for you means admitting:

Fine, I will never be a robot. So what can I do with my measly humanness?