A Sunday Reminder

Here’s a Sunday Reminder:

You probably do know.


As in, if there’s something in your life — in your career or a relationship or personal choices — that you “don’t know” what to do about, there’s a good chance that you know more than you think.

Have you taken time to really be alone, unstimulated, and reflect on the question? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get clear on:

  • What you do know right now

  • What experiments or actions you need to try next, in order to find out more

  • Who or what might be able to support you in figuring out more

  • What is un-knowable for the moment

Many of us use “I don’t know” as shorthand for “this is a hard situation.” But hard situations are precisely when we shouldn’t lie to ourselves about what we know!

You probably know a lot already. You probably know plenty to get started.