You know those people who just “forget” to eat?

For most of my life, I felt very, very annoyed with those people who would say, “oh, I just forgot to eat lunch.” Who friggin' forgets to eat? Of course, a lot of that annoyance existed because I was hyper-aware of food all the time.

That’s why I felt so delighted when I read this from a recent Dessert Club participant:

“I always joked I wanted to be one of those girls who says they "forgot" to eat lunch.  I used to constantly think about food and my next chance to eat - sometimes I'd go to bed *just* so that I could get up and have breakfast!  

"I've actually started missing some mealtimes since being in the Dessert Club.  When I ask myself if I'm really hungry, I noticed I don't need to eat as often as I thought.  I am allowing myself to take breaks from work for the sake of needing a break - not only when it's "lunch time" or "for a snack".  That's been a huge breakthrough for me!" 

— Annie, New Jersey 

I was reading over feedback this morning from the Dessert Club’s summer session, and I can’t tell you how moved I was. Over and over past participants told me that they were so glad that they’d joined the group, that they had no idea how deep and transformational this work was.

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