Important Message Regarding Summertime.

There is something very, very important that I would like to tell you this week: 

It’s summer. Please go eat something delicious.


If you have been in diet purgatory for so long that the only delicious foods you’ve eaten have been in the form of a frantic, stuffing-slightly-stale-barbeque-chips-from-the-cabinet-into-your-mouth-so-quickly-that-even-you-aren’t-sure-that-it’s-happened experience, then you might be slightly bewildered about what to eat to truly enjoy summer.  

In that case, I have done the very challenging task of compiling a list for you:

 Katie’s Recommended Summer Treats
(Please consume at least 3x/week from June-August)

 An ice cream cone
Popsicles (when was the last time you had one of those?)
Snow cones
Fresh cherries
A chocolate chip ice cream cone
More watermelon
Grilled burgers
Grilled chicken
Grilled corn
Grilled bell peppers
A rainbow sherbet ice cream cone
Funnel cake (preferably at some ridiculous state fair or roller coaster park)
Did I mention an ice cream cone? 

I am sure I have missed some essential summer foods from this list. Please let me know what you’d add in the comments below. This is a public service, people :)


p.s. I just had a rainbow sherbet ice cream cone last week, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The experience of actually going to the local ice cream store and getting a scoop in a cone—I went alone! On a Thursday!—felt indulgent and fabulous and like I was a 7-year-old with a credit card.