Take good care of yourself

How often do you find yourself eating way too much food when you are cuddled in your favorite armchair, reading an engrossing book, with a cup of tea on the table next to you?

Or when you are at a spa, wearing a fluffy white robe and lazily staring at the ceiling after a great massage, with a glass of lemon water in your hand?

Or when you are catching up with one of your best friends, who you haven't spoken with in months?

Yeah, probably food isn’t on your mind.

And when it is, you’re probably actually hungry, and after you eat something, you move on with your life.


My invitation to you is to stop worrying so much about your eating and start worrying about taking good care of yourself.

If you take excellent, radiant, lovely care of yourself….the food stuff will fall into place so much more easily.

Really, really.

But so many of us are out of practice of doing this. I’d love to know: What do you do to take really, really good care of yourself? Leave a comment below so we can all trade ideas.