What do you need right now? I bet you already know.

I just want to set the record straight:

YOU can take care of yourself better than anyone else in the world.

Yes, of course, we need help.
Yes, of course, we can’t do it alone.
Yes, of course, we must draw on the wisdom and guidance of professionals and parents and family members and friends and doctors and lawyers.
Yes, of course, we can’t be subject matter experts on everything.

But you know what I see happening, far too often?

Brilliant, caring women and men feel overwhelmed and lost and insecure because we've forgotten…no one can take care of us better than we can.

Sure, all of those “experts” might have opinions till they are blue in the face….

But only you can know whether you need twelve hours of sleep tonight, or five.
Whether you need a spinach salad or an apple tart.
Whether you need a big hug or a big scream or a big whole afternoon alone.

We know what we need, if we are willing to listen.

What do you need, today? Right now?

If you'd like to share, let us know in the comments :)