Exciting News

I have some big, huge, ginormous news for you today. Maybe the biggest news I’ve ever told you.

The Dessert Club is getting a new home!!!!

This is my I'm-so-excited-I-can't-even-open-my-eyes face.

This is my I'm-so-excited-I-can't-even-open-my-eyes face.

The details:

1. The Dessert Club’s home is now www.dessertclub.com . Next week, you’ll start getting Sunday inspirational emails from katie@dessertclub.com (Not signed up for inspirational emails? Go here and scroll down to hop on that bandwagon)


2. Join a Dessert Club no matter where you live. I’ve been honored to hear from so many of you around the world—from Tennessee to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia— about joining. I’m adding a bunch more time slots, so now, whether you’re in California or the UK or Australia, I hope you’ll find a time that works for you. 

Click here to check out Dessert Clubs for the beginning of 2017.


3. Want to be social? Come say hi on Facebook or Instagram.
I’d love to see you there, and I’ll be sharing daily inspiration, advice, and encouragement (plus some funny stuff + food porn).


Wondering where this all came from? This shift is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long, long time.

You know that moment, late at night or early in the morning or randomly during your day, when you suddenly PANIC and think oh my god my body is terrible I definitely need to lose weight?

Sometimes eating too much or trying on too-tight jeans precedes that moment. But sometimes it comes upon us out of the blue.

Most of us go on a diet after those moments. We re-join Weight Watchers (for the 5th time) or we buy that Whole30 book, or we frantically research the nearest personal trainer or gym or PureBarre class or whatever.

Here’s my dream. What if, instead, when you are feeling sad and lost and frustrated with yourself, your body, and your eating…you join a Dessert Club?


I spent so much of my life so unhappy with my eating and my body, and you can bet that I had that sudden body-and-food “panic” more times than I can count.

In working with women in the Dessert Club, I’ve seen the radical change that can happen when women gather and support each other while going deep and building new skills that we didn’t even know we needed.

Frankly, I’ve been amazed by the impact of the Dessert Club. (More stories from past participants here). Here's what happens:

Women stop dieting.
Stop counting calories.
Keep food they love in the house without over-doing it.
Choose a healthy lunch “just because they feel like it.” (Seriously!)
Realize that they have all kinds of feelings and sensations and thoughts and wants and needs that they never noticed before.

I realized that the Dessert Club needs to be a movement. It’s bigger than me. I want to reach every person around the world who is suffering. I want “The Dessert Club” to be whispered from friend-to-friend as a Hey, you wanna know why I feel so much happier now?

Giving the Dessert Club its own home on the web is my first step in that direction. Next week I’ll let you in on my exciting plans for where the Dessert Club is headed, in the short-term and the long term.


No matter what, please know that I’m sending you strength + support for the week ahead. You’ve got this.


p.s. Shall I sum things up? Dessertclub.com is the Dessert Club’s new home – go there to see the newest Dessert Clubs for 2017! Or, say hi on Instagram or Facebook :)