Seven signs that your relationship with food and your weight isn’t normal

Do you ever ask yourself: Is my relationship with food really that bad? Or am I just imagining it?

Today I want to share seven common, problematic attitudes towards food (all of which I’ve felt myself).

I really, truly, from the bottom of my heart believe that you don’t have to feel this way, but the first step is to recognize what’s  happening:

7 signs that you might need a food tune-up

1. You weigh yourself one or more times a week (or one or more times a day)…and it makes you feel terrible.

You know that feeling. That tightening in your heart when you step on the scale and it’s not exactly (or anywhere close to) what you want it to be – whether that’s 20 pounds or 2 pounds over your “ideal” weight. And there are those dizzying thoughts that seem to accompany it, as you freak out and beat yourself up and are so obsessed with it that it can ruin your whole day.

2. Going out to dinner – even to a restaurant you love – makes you super nervous.  

Ever check the restaurant menu to make sure that you can pick the most reasonable option so you don’t overindulge in the moment? Or tried to micromanage your calories for the day or week before, so you’ll have enough “saved up” to have a meal that you’ll actually enjoy?

3. Your mind goes blank once you start eating.

You might have come in with the best of intentions, but once you sit down to eat, all bets are off. Who knows how much you’ll eat? You seem to have no ability to stop when you’re full, or to make sure that the food you’re eating actually makes your body feel good.

4. You spend WAY too much time thinking about weight loss.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight (or acting on it!), but for you, thinking/worrying/dreaming of losing 5 or 50 pounds is making you feel crazy. You are a smart person with a lot going on – you don’t want to spend so much of your freakin’ brain space thinking about this one silly thing so much.

5.  There are 3 or more foods that you are afraid to have in your house.

You’re generally a pretty confident person, but you feel completely powerless against a jar of peanut butter or a box of sugar cereal. You wish it wasn’t true, but the only way for you to feel “safe” is to keep it far, far away from your home.

6. You never come back from a vacation without an enormous amount of guilt, and an intense feeling of “fluffiness.”

Look, there are times when everyone over-indulges, but you just really struggle with finding a way of eating that’s not super restrictive, or carbs-gone-wild on vacation. It seems impossible to have a few days with pina coladas around and not end up feeling a little gross.

7. You are tired of all of this.

The dieting.  The gaining the weight back. The only eating “special” diet foods. The eating everything in sight (often in private, where no one can see you). Feeling like it takes so much freakin’ effort not to be fat. Reading every magazine article on “Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” or “How Carrie Underwood lost the baby weight,” hoping that somehow, magically, it's something that you haven’t tried, that would be perfect.

You are tired.


And whether one or all seven of the items on this list resonated, I want to say: you don’t have to feel this way.

You really, really, really don’t.

It is possible to be around food at a restaurant, on vacation, at a party, and not be afraid that you’ll over-indulge and spiral out of control. It’s possible to keep any food you like in your house and not have to worry about not fitting into your pants anymore.

If you want some ideas for how to get started, there are a ton of free articles in the archives of my blog with really actionable ways to get started.

And if you want to take real action, and get caring, support, to finally stop this freakin’ cycle, I’d love to have you join the Dessert Club.

Here’s what one participant told me about her experiences in the Dessert Club:

"Prior to joining the Dessert Club, I was scared by food, by my eating habits, and by the potential I could spiral out of control. I knew I wasn't eating right, but I also wasn't sure what "right" was.

[Since the Dessert Club] I've been much less stressed, much happier eating, and SO MUCH more in tune with my body. There have been days when certain foods sound so great and others not appetizing at all. And I listen to that. It's revolutionary.

Thank you, so much. I don't think I can explain how much of an impact the Dessert Club has had on my life and my future. Life without shame and guilt about food is monumental."

- Sarah, from Washington, D.C.

The Dessert Club starts on January 13, and there are just a handful of spots left. Click here to grab one of the last ones!


And whether I’ll be meeting you in the Dessert Club or not, I am sending you so much strength and support for the week ahead. You’ve got this.