A gift from me

How did your New Year go? After a lot of wonderful (but tiring) travel, my goal was to use the long weekend to relax as much as possible — which I achieved with the help of Thai food and Millionaire Matchmaker :)


I had been wanting to give you some kind of holiday gift — a thank you for spending this year with me.

So here it is:

I’m giving away 10 free 15-minute mini-sessions to blog readers.   

And what does a mini-session entail?

  1. You + Me, on Skype or on the phone.
  2. You’ll tell me your most pressing problem, about eating, weight, food, or life. We can talk about things like:
    + How can I deal with how fluffy I feel after the holidays without instantly running back to Weight Watchers or Paleo? 
    + How do I keep Nutella or Barbecue chips in my house without eating it all right away?
    + Why do I keep eating so much when I’m home for the holidays/at a party with coworkers/with my boyfriend?

  3. You’ll walk away with one super-actionable thing to implement in your life, and I’ll check in with you via email 2 weeks later to see how it goes. 

To claim one of the 10 FREE mini-session spots (first come, first served!) shoot me a note at katie@katieseaver.com.

And whether we end up connecting or not, know that I am sending you so much support and caring in this New Year. And if you need your own Thai food + Millionaire Matchmaker veg-fest, I fully support you taking one :)

With all my love,

p.s. If you’d like support within a larger group of 10 caring, funny, amazing women — join the Dessert Club. It starts January 13 + there are only 6 spots left! (click here for more info!