Are you afraid of ruining your own life?

If I quit my job and followed my desires, I'd end up homeless on the streets.
If I ate the foods I really wanted to eat, I’d gain 1,000 pounds.
If I spent as much time with friends or boyfriend as I’d really like to, I’d seem too needy.
If I felt my true feelings, I'd be lost in a dark world of sadness and anxiety.

Can you relate to these feelings? I have felt them myself, and I hear them all the time from the women I work with.

So often, we're afraid to step off of the path because we think that we have no boundaries. We think that we'll just drive off into infinity and ruin our lives.

Even if, logically, we know that’s not true, it’s still how we feel.

In this video, I offer you my perspective on that problem and an idea for what you can do about it.

I’d love to hear from you. Can you relate to the feelings I discuss in this video? Have you ever let yourself find your natural boundaries? Share your thoughts in the comments below.