You are not alone

The summer Dessert Club wrapped up two weeks ago with a heartfelt and pretty emotional session.

I was so touched by what I heard – all of the ah-has, triumphs, and yes, continued struggles – of the women who participated over the course of our six weeks together.

But I was struck by one thing, above all.

One thing that almost all the women said that they had struggled with:

Feeling totally alone.

Have you ever felt that way?

Like you’re the only person who feels this crazy around food.

Like no one else worries about their weight and eating so much.

If so, this video is for you:

I’d love to hear: How can you implement the action steps from the video in your own life? Let me know in the comments below!


And if you’d like to join a built-in community, the fall Dessert Club starts September 1 (Click here to learn more -- including a special offer that expires August 27!) Here’s what one past Dessert Clubber said about it:

"Before joining the dessert club, I was feeling so exhausted and hopeless and like I would never be "normal" regarding food. I was tired of the cycle of restriction and binging and I felt out of control. I felt so sad and alone.

I am just so thankful from the bottom of my heart that you created this group. It felt so scary to do it on my own and admit that I really had a problem, but I have seen that I am not alone and that is a wonderful feeling! There were times during the group that I was really having a hard time and to know that I had a whole group of people cheering me on felt truly amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU!"