A little something

This week I have a little something for you.

A poem. A short one. Something that I read has crossed my mind a few times this week.

Here it is:

Poem by Rachel Zucker

One evening the husband yelled, “Ew, you smell like a rotten egg!”

The husband yelled, “Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!” as he rolled around with their little boy, tickling him and smelling the little boy’s feet. The little boy laughed and shrieked and laughed so hard he struggled to catch his breath.

“Stop!” begged the boy, who wanted it to go on forever.

She wiped down the counters in the kitchen, surprised to feel a nut of envy hardening her belly. She wanted to be touched that way. No, not that way.



Rather than offering you what it brought up for me – about relationships and parenthood and being a woman and what we need – I’d love to hear what you think (shoot me an email, or write a comment below). I think that poetry lets us access different parts of ourselves than regular text does. Maybe read it more than once.

And, as always, know that I’m rooting for you for the week ahead. You’ve got this.


p.s. The Dessert Club finished up last week, and it was such a touching, moving, amazing experience. I’m still going over my feedback, and I am so overwhelmed by the positive responses. I’ll be opening up enrollment next week for the next Dessert Club – look out for the announcement + more information in your inbox!