My story

I hope you’ve had a great weekend (and a great Independence Day, if you’re American). I visited Asheville, NC over the holiday, spending a cozy, rainy afternoon at a chocolate lounge (!), and visiting an American castle

But it hasn’t always felt so easy for me.

This weekend, I wanted to tell you a bit more about me + my story. recently published a personal essay I wrote called “Why I Turned Down a Six Figure Salary, Pulled a Britney, and Shaved My Head.”

It’s a pretty provocative title, and honestly, it makes me feel a little vulnerable to put my story out there in the world (plus some intense photos of me with a shaved head). But I wanted you to know that I spent a long time struggling not only with food, but also in my career, my relationships, my appearance, and even how to spend my days. 

So I hope that it resonates if you’re going through a tough period too, or if you have in the past. And that it inspires you to do something bold, if you feel so moved :) 

If you’d like to read the article, click here

And even if we haven’t met yet, I hope you know that I’m rooting for you.