How to make tough decisions

I talk a lot on this blog about micro-decisions: what to do when you're grabbing for mini cookies but you aren't hungry, how to decide whether you want to exercise tonight, how to know when to stop eating

 Of course, all of those small moments are essential, but they aren't the whole story.  

The rest of the story has to do with your life beyond food.

If you are consistently living a life that isn't aligned with your true desires, if your relationships, career, daily life, even your location isn't aligned with the life you want to be living, you may find it showing up in a your relationship with food.

But the problem is, it can be really hard to make some of the life changes required to take your life where you want it to go. Making those life-changing decisions can be downright terrifying. 

So this week, I want to offer two techniques that I use for making tough decisions. 

This video is especially close to my heart because at the end of the month I'm taking the plunge and moving from New York City all the way down to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It's a big move, and I'm scared and excited, but by using the techniques in the video I was able to feel clear and confident that I was making the right choices.  

Over to you: What big decisions have you been avoiding recently? Let me know in the comments what you've been struggling with so I can cheer you on! And what works for you when you have to make tough decisions?


Psst! Know what decisions you should be making, but still scared out of your freaking mind to take action? Stay tuned for next week!