A post about the New Year

I wanted to write to you about “resolutions” (because that’s what the New Year is about, right?), but truthfully, I’m not really a New Year resolutions-type-gal. Life changes never seem to come in a neatly wrapped bow on January 1.

But a new year still feels significant to me.

And not necessarily because of the year ahead, but because we’ve just lived a whole freaking year.

So when I think about you this weekend, I most wanted to tell you this:

Great job on living this year. You nailed it.

I mean it.

First of all, let’s think of all that you accomplished. The thousands of things that you did, hundreds of time.

Putting on clothes.
Taking off clothes.
Writing and texting and photo-taking.
Saying “thank you.”
Working and resting and partying and playing.

You did a lot.

And that doesn’t even take into account the emotional toll that each of these activities took.

I mean, you got up every single day. Even though too many days you were tired or would have wanted to stay in bed forever or what you had to face that day was scary and uncertain.

There were stressful deadlines at work, conflict and misunderstanding and tears with people who you care about.

There were moments of personal crisis. Why bother doing anything (whether that means getting brunch or writing a novel), when it’s just so freaking hard and life always gets in the way?

There were moments when you had to fake it for the greater good.
When you had to smile and make small talk with people who make you crazy.
When you had to say, “Oh no, it’s no trouble at all,” and stay late at work, even though what you really wanted was to be at home.
When you had to take a bite of that pot roast even though it was completely flavorless.

There were moments when you just couldn’t keep the “kind and caring” persona together anymore, when you surrendered to your own needs and anger and frustration. You might have screamed or cried or curled up into a ball.

But you also had You had moments of intense creativity, of astonishing productivity, of impressive engagement.

Of deep, amazing connection, and giggles over the stupidest things.

You had moments when you saw amazing beauty all around you, and times when you looked at yourself and thought, “hot damn.”

You had times when you felt lit up from the inside.

No matter who you are, no matter what your days and weeks looked like, I know that your year was filled with success and heartbreak, with tears and belly laughs and sleep and not-enough-sleep.

Even if we’ve never met, I know that you tried hard and were overwhelmed and were sometimes victorious and in love and deeply connected.

You were amazing.

And terrible.

And delighted and sad and lost and found.

I stand in awe of your human-ness.

So, my new year’s invitation to you this week is to appreciate the year you’ve had.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome was.

You’ve been on a 365-day journey, and I bet it was a doozy.

Congrats, friend. Here’s to another year of all that.

With all my love,

p.s. It’s not a “resolution,” but if you’re looking for some sort of support around your eating as you enter the New Year, the Dessert Club is a great place to start. We start on January 13 – grab your spot here.