Will you raise your hand?

This week, I want to ask you to do a favor: a favor for every woman and man who is struggling with their eating.

Who feels exhausted, like if they let down her guard for a second, they’ll lose control and eat way too much.

Who dreams of keeping foods they love on their shelves, without being afraid of eating the whole bag of chips or the whole jar of peanut butter in a day.

Who is tired of counting calories or points or portions, but is also scared of what will happen if they don’t.

Who just wishes that they could be someone who doesn’t have to worry about it.

I’ve talked with a lot of these people through my work, and nearly every single person tells me: “I feel so alone.”

Will you do a favor for that person?  Will you go to my blog this week, leave a comment on this post, and say, “I am struggling, too” ?

That’s your challenge for this week, my friend.

Go to the comments section for this week’s post, and leave a comment. Any comment. You can do it anonymously, and all you have to say is “I am struggling, too.”

Or you could write more. You could write about how you were alone in your home last night and you ate three cookies you didn’t even want and sometimes you just feel so frustrated.

You could write about how annoying it is that other people seem to be able to be thin without even having to worry about it, and the last time you went to buy clothes, you wanted to cry when you pulled on jeans.

Leave a comment as a gift to all of the people who are struggling. Leave a comment so that they know they are not alone, the way you wish that someone would whisper that in your ear.

And then look at the comments and remind yourself that it’s not just you.  

And no matter what, know that I’m sending you strength + support for the week ahead. You’ve got this.