How do you decide between kale and coffee cake?

"This 'intuitive eating' thing sounds nice in theory, Katie, but what about when my intuition is giving me mixed signals?" 

Good question, and something I deal with all the time.

Those moments when on one hand I want to eat a grilled chicken and steamed kale, and on the other hand I want nothing but cinnamon streusel coffee cake from Zabar's

Oh wait, that was my Wednesday night. 

The beautiful thing about these moments is that we are in touch with what we want. 
The problematic thing about these moments is that it doesn't feel like it's possible to have everything we want at once. 

And it's worth pointing out that it doesn't only happen with food. It happens all over our lives - on one hand, I want to play computer games all night. On the other hand, I need to go to bed so I can work tomorrow. (Or is that just me?)

So how do we figure out what to do?

My video today explores this issue and gives you two techniques for deeply investigating this conflict, getting in touch with your deepest self, and figuring out what you are going to freaking eat for dinner tonight.

I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful. Here in New York the weather is perfect - that magic moment between summer and fall when it's a little bit crisp but not too cold yet.

Perfect walking-to-brunch weather :)

And all my love,