The mindset you'll need to weather the ugly moments.

It was 11:35 pm.

I'd just gotten off the phone with someone I love. It wasn't a bad call, but it brought up a lot of feelings and thoughts for me. And afterwards I felt...achy.  

And, simultaneously, I thought, "You know what would be a nice pre-bed treat? Some of that white chocolate I have in my cabinet. Just a little bite."

Amazing how that happens, huh? It's almost like clockwork. 

Because I've been around this merry-go-round before, I stopped myself by asking, "are you hungry, Katie?" (Sounds simple, but if you want some ideas on how to do this, check out 2-second thing you should to stop mindless eating).

And (duh) the answer was "No."

"No I am not hungry. I am just achy."

But what then?

If intuitive eating is something you're interested in, if you want to learn to listen to yourself to see when you should eat and when you shouldn't, this is something you're going to come up against.

The late-night-feel-terribles. 
The mid-afternoon-feel-terribles.
And even the I-don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed-because-I-feel-terrible-and-the-only-acceptable-bribe-is-chocolate-s.

This is something I will visit more and more on this blog, but here's a first a short video that will give you some ways of finding strength in these moments:

Is this something that resonates with you at all? Leave me a comment below!

All my love,