The 2-second thing you can do to stop mindless eating

I'm SO pumped for this blog post. It is my first official video, so I hope you'll bear with me that it's not perfect :)

And the topic is about something super close to my heart...

Here are some very familiar moments in my life:

  • I walk in the door, put my purse down, take off my shoes. And then I'm at my cupboard, taking out a box of oreos and eating one. 
  • I roll out of bed, sleepy in the morning, and grab a mini peanut butter cup on the way to the bathroom, which I chew and eat in a matter of seconds. 
  • I'm passing by the kitchen on my way outdoors at my parents' house, and I grab just a little bite of a cookie, or just a tiny piece of a bagel. 

Does this happen to you? Man-oh-man, it happens to me. All of those little, in between, transition moments, when we don't even realize that we are eating but suddenly we are.

Because I'm actually more focused on how exhausted I am from being at work all day, or how I don't feel like getting up and just want to go back to sleep, or how I need to move on to my next activity now. 

But still, food ends up in our mouths in the process. Sometimes we don't even realize it's happened until we've moved onto the next thing. 

And that food adds up. It adds up in feeling more sluggish than we'd like, having more spikey energy, and often, in being heavier than we'd like. I'm not going to ever tell you that you can't eat what you want, but this video offers a 2-second thing you can do to help bring some love and light to the problem. 

Do you struggle with eating-in-passing? Have you ever tried anything like this? Let me know in the comments below :)

And all my love,