>> “Where Do I Start?” Sessions <<

You're so frustrated with yourself and your eating.

You can keep your eating under control for most of the day, but when you let your guard down for a second, you lose control and eat way too much.

You feel a little embarrassed even asking for help with this one. After all, you’re a smart woman, and you pretty much have your life together. Understanding a diet or food guidelines isn’t even that hard…but somehow you keep slipping up.

But the truth is that you’re just exhausted by this whole thing. It feels like so much of your mental space is devoted to your eating — worrying about it, and feeling guilty about what you did or did not eat.  

Part of you thinks that you just need a new diet or exercise plan. You just spent a half hour googling the Zone Diet and the Tracy Anderson Workout program…... maybe you should just try one of those instead. What about the Mediterranean diet — that’s a lifestyle, right?

But the deeper part of you just knows:

Diets and food rules never work for me.

Your ultimate dream is to just be one of those women who doesn’t have to worry about it. Who gets to eat what she wants and never gains weight.

But….you honestly have no idea where to begin.

You feel like you’ve been on a diet or rebelling against those food rules for so long that you don’t even remember what it would be like to eat like a “normal person.”  


That’s where the “Where do I start?” sessions come in.

You’ll learn the exact things you need to know to trust yourself around food  -- so you can eat exactly what you want during the day and at night, and stop worrying about losing control.

As a result of our time together, you will:

  • Understand why you freakin’ eat so much

  • Learn how to check in with your body to see how much and what you should eat, so you don’t have to monitor calories or portion sizes or points all the time

  • Know how to feel safe if you feel like you’re on the verge of eating WAY too much, and how to recover if it does happen (so it doesn’t ruin the rest of your day!)

  • Feel healthier, but also feel more comfortable eating indulgent foods -- you love food, and don’t want to have to feel guilty all the time!

Here’s what you’ll get with the “Where Do I Start?” Sessions:

  • Food, Life, and Love Questionnaire.
    This powerful questionnaire maximizes your investment by giving me insight into your specific situation before we meet (we’re talkin’ food AND non-food). That way we can hit the ground running and solve your eating issues as soon as possible.

  • The Game Plan.
    In a 45-minute video call, we’ll start by analyzing what really causes your frustrating eating patterns.
    Then we’ll talk about some simple things you can do to feel relief from your frustration around food, and how to relate to food without feeling deprived, hungry, or like you have to be super vigilant all the time.
    You’ll walk away:
    + Knowing how to trust your body to eat the right quantity of food
    + Understanding how to feel safe if you’re in the middle of eating way too much, and what to do after
    + With extra resources -- including books, self-reflection exercises, and practices -- that you can use to help you move along faster and more joyfully in your journey

  • The Follow-Through.
    Not everything will go 100% perfectly the first time you try it. I want to make sure that you are successful (and I want to support you as much as possible!), so a week later we’ll meet again for another 45-minute video call.

    This is where the real magic happens. You’ll have a lot more juicy, powerful information about how you deal with food, and we’ll use that to tweak the initial Game Plan into a solution that works for your life.

  • Email check-in.
    A week later, you’ll get an email from me checking in. You’ll give me an update, and I’ll send you two new ideas, based on what you’ve found so far.

    I’ve built these check-ins into the program because you’ll be growing over time. A one-shot solution isn’t enough for complex problems like your eating, which you may have been struggling with for years -- this way, you make more than one step forward in a short amount of time.

It truly is possible to feel safe around food, to feel like don’t have to keep watch on your eating all the time.

If you are willing to reach out, ask for help, and do the work, I know for sure that it is possible for YOU to stop having to feel crazy around food.

You don’t need to resort to another diet or set of food rules. You truly can be one of those people who eats when she feels like it, without worrying about her weight.  There is a way out.

The investment: $147



I have been researching/dealing/searching/learning/discovering about my food issues for almost 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised to learn some very NEW and very profound things with Katie. Thank You!!!"

Cory G., Annapolis

"I've been struggling with body image and food-related issues for most of my life. Working with therapists and nutritionists helped, but I always felt like there was something missing. I realized while working with Katie what that missing piece was: I didn't feel that they truly got what I was trying to tell them. With Katie, I feel absolutely comfortable talking about the problems I've faced in the past, because she talks so candidly about how she has battled with very similar issues herself. When we talk, I feel like she really gets what I'm trying to say. Instead of telling me what I should eat, Katie has encouraged me to listen to my own body, which I've found so much more helpful and empowering."

N., New York City

“Since I was very young, I struggled with my weight and for as long as I can recall, I have memories of my family and friends telling me all I needed was a little “willpower”. By giving me tools to listen to my body, to be more mindful of my emotional responses, to forgive myself, and let go of my actions around food, Katie Seaver’s mentorship has empowered me to redefine my health and use my body and my vulnerabilities as tool for cultivation not destruction.”

Kelsey Megan Ellison, Chicago


Let’s get started

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Step 2. Once you complete your payment, I’ll email you within 48 hours to schedule your first session.

Step 3. You’ll have your personalized game plan for how to get started trusting yourself around food. 


Have questions? Email me at katie@katieseaver.com