"How to spend all day at home and not eat like a crazy person"

Join me for the webinar this Friday, June 17, at noon PST/3 pm EST

Do you work from home?

Or spend most of your day studying or caring for children at home?

Then you know:

Being at home all day can make your eating go totally out of whack. 

  • You're frustrated with a client or a challenging problem, and suddenly you're eating a granola bar

  • You pass by your kitchen twenty times, and take a tiny sliver of cake each time

  • A child is screaming or you are rushing to make dinner and sign forms and help them with a science project, and a handful of something sweet or salty makes it more manageable 

You're not crazy. But you also don't have to go on a super-strict diet, or give up the foods you love. 

In this webinar, you'll learn: 

  • The top four mistakes people make with food when they work from home (and "eating too many calories" isn't one of them!)

  • A 5-minute technique for when you find yourself stuffing a granola bar in your mouth and you don't know how you got there

  • Three questions to ask yourself before you start eating, that will leave you productive and happier

  • The most helpful thing I've found to do right after realizing that I've eaten too much while working at home