Stop Scary Overeating

You’re so frustrated with yourself and your over-eating.

You can keep your eating under control during the day, but once you get home from work and your house is quiet, it’s like you can’t stop yourself from opening that fridge door! (and then moving on to your cabinet…)

Even worse, once you have a single cookie or a small handful of potato chips that you know you shouldn’t eat, you think “whatever, I already blew it,” and keep eating until you’re stuffed.

Sometimes you actually feel scared — why can’t you stop doing this?

You just want to feel safe around food -- to keep nutella and cereal and chips in your house and not worry that you’ll eat all of them in one night.  

But you don’t want another diet or set of food rules. You’re tired of feeling guilty around food all the time, and you just want to be able to enjoy a nice meal.

You find yourself saying, “I wish I was one of those people who just doesn’t have to worry about it.”

I’ll tell you the exact things you need to know to stop scary overeating episodes  -- so you can eat exactly what you want during the day and at night, and stop worrying about losing control.

As a result of our time together, you will:

  • Have simple ways of finding relief and not losing yourself, whether you feel like you’re about to lose control, or if you’re already holding a handful of popcorn

  • Understand why you freakin’ eat so much in scary overeating episodes

  • Stop worrying that if you let your guard down for a second, you’ll gain ten pounds

  • Feel healthier, but also enjoy eating indulgent foods (hello, peanut butter cups!)

What’s included:

1. Shut the Fridge Questionnaire

This powerful questionnaire maximizes your investment by giving me insight into your specific situation before we meet. That way we can hit the ground running and solve your eating issues as soon as possible.


2. Shut the Fridge Game Plan

In our 60 minute video call, we’ll start by analyzing what trips you up and causes your overeating episodes.

I’ll teach you three simple approaches to handle your overeating problem. Because I struggled in a big way with feeling out of control in my own kitchen, I know what it takes to stop it, and I’m going to give you concrete, actionable steps so that you can do the same.

We’ll also talk about small, easy changes that can you make to your routine to make your sudden, overwhelming cravings less powerful (without cutting out those foods you crave).

Plus, we’ll make sure you have a plan for how to recover if you do find yourself overeating, so it doesn’t totally ruin your next day, too.

You’ll walk away with action plans for:

  • How to plan your day so that overeating isn’t a huge problem

  • What to do in the moment when you’re in the middle of an overeating or binge episode

  • How to recover if you do eat too much

3. Follow-up Success Session - 30 minutes

Not everything will go 100% perfectly the first time you try it. I want to make sure that you are successful (and I want to support you as much as possible!), so a week later we’ll meet again for a 30-minute call.

You’ll tell me how it went when you tried to implement your action plans, and I’ll give you new ideas and small tips to make sure that you have a solution that works for your life.

The investment: $145



I have been researching/dealing/searching/learning/discovering about my food issues for almost 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised to learn some very NEW and very profound things with Katie. Thank You!!!"
Cory G., Annapolis

"I've been struggling with body image and food-related issues for most of my life. Working with therapists and nutritionists helped, but I always felt like there was something missing. I realized while working with Katie what that missing piece was: I didn't feel that they truly got what I was trying to tell them. With Katie, I feel absolutely comfortable talking about the problems I've faced in the past, because she talks so candidly about how she has battled with very similar issues herself. When we talk, I feel like she really gets what I'm trying to say. Instead of telling me what I should eat, Katie has encouraged me to listen to my own body, which I've found so much more helpful and empowering."
N., New York City

“Since I was very young, I struggled with my weight and for as long as I can recall, I have memories of my family and friends telling me all I needed was a little “willpower”. By giving me tools to listen to my body, to be more mindful of my emotional responses, to forgive myself, and let go of my actions around food, Katie Seaver’s mentorship has empowered me to redefine my health and use my body and my vulnerabilities as tool for cultivation not destruction.”

Kelsey Megan Ellison, Chicago


Let’s get started

Are you interested in working with me and finally being able to feel safe around food at night? I'd love to work with you. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. You can make your payment here.

Step 2. Once you complete your payment, I’ll email you within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Step 3. You’ll have your personalized plan to Stop Late Night Eating, and feel safe to keep Nutella and peanut butter on your shelves :)


I’m so excited to meet you. I struggled with my eating for years, and I wish that I could have known someone who could teach me how to solve my problems without resorting to another diet or set of “food rules.”

And someone who could have given me a hug and told me that there is a way out.

Have questions? Email me at