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"Since I was very young, I struggled with my weight and for as long as I can recall, I have memories of my family and friends telling me all I needed was a little “willpower”. From working with Katie, I learned to stop seeing the night I ate a whole plate of pasta as a fallback and the day I ate nothing but half a peanut butter and jelly as an accomplishment. By giving me tools to listen to my body, to be more mindful of my emotional responses, to forgive myself, and let go of my actions around food, Katie’s mentorship has empowered me to redefine my health and use my body and my vulnerabilities as tool for cultivation not destruction."

Kelsey Megan Ellison, Chicago


"Eating when you're hungry? Sounds almost too simple. I never realized in 39 years that I am not hungry first thing in the AM. I simply followed my patterns and ate 'when I was supposed to.' I have been researching/dealing/searching/learning/discovering about my food issues for almost 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised to learn some very NEW and very profound things with Katie. Thank You!!!"

-- Cory, Annapolis