Dessert Night

Dessert Night is a 1-night intuitive eating meet-up/workshop/support group.

We’ll share experiences of when we’ve all felt unhappy with our eating, and work together to identify some common patterns and threads. We’ll talk a bit about some potential “alternatives” to being on a diet/obsessing about what we eat or feeling “out of control” around food. And, of course, because this is an “anti-diet” group…we’ll eat some dessert together :)


The Logistics:

Tuesday, July 12, 6:30-8 pm.
We'll be meeting in an intimate and welcoming space in Chapel Hill, NC.

This workshop is completely free, but a limited number of spots are available. To secure your spot and receive the address, enter your information below:

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If you want a deeper, more transformational experience, grab a spot in Dessert Club - Chapel Hill, which starts July 21!